5 Ways Mirror Installation Benefits Will Help You Get More Business


Homeowners tend to spend less with accessories than with the main furniture sets in their homes. There is logic behind this but accessorizing must never be compromised or, worse, totally forgotten. Mirrors are not there, after all, for you to just check out your face when you’re leaving for work.

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There are more benefits to having wall mirrors than just looking at your reflection –

  1. Illusion of Space

If you feel that the entryway is too narrow or that it does not offer ample space for people to walk side-by-side, then you can always install a mirror to create an illusion of a more open space.

Find out the right spot as well as the angle where the mirror is supposed to be installed. This is even more important if you are staging your home to be up for bids in the market. Many prospective buyers are swayed by that illusion of extra space.

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You see, all that it takes is a strategically-positioned mirror in your entryway. It could even enhance the very experience of living in your home.

  1. Conceal Imperfections

The mirror is also one of the best accessories that can help you conceal foul ups. For example, if a hole or a stain on the entryway wall needs to be covered, then you can have a wall mirror installed right on the spot.

You can have a professional install a large mirror but if you are going to hang a smaller piece, then just be careful in using tools and some hardware.

  1. Floor Mirrors for Overall Appearance Checkups

As was mentioned, the best way to check the way you look before you go to the office is to look at a mirror on your way out. If you want to check everything from your hairdo, to your makeup, the right dress or whether you’re wearing the right pair of shoes, then you’d need a longer wall mirror.

There is no need to hang a long mirror. A good way to install this is to just prop it against the entryway wall.

  1. Reflected Surfaces for Visual Enhancement

Making a home appear gorgeous is all about learning to enhance a thing or two in your home. A mirror is an aesthetics enhancing tool. It can beautifully reflect the light of a crystal chandelier or some flickering candles in lovely candelabra.

Natural light that also comes in through a window can also be reflected into the entryway.  Since entryways tend to be dark, then having a mirror in that spot can then increase the brightness on the hallway coming from the entryway.

  1. A Bold Statement Piece

A mirror can serve as your piece de resistance. This is that statement piece for the entryway. Since the mirror is a decorative piece, you need to select the right one that will complement the rest of the design elements. It must never compete with your existing décor. Instead, it must lift the rest of the elements and become the star of that space.

A mirror effortlessly attracts people’s eyes. This is why a lot of homeowners choose to have it installed as a design statement right where the visitors come in. A standing mirror can be an amazing addition to the entryway.

If the mirror takes the backseat and serves as the supporting piece instead, then it can highlight the focal point that you have chosen, say, a beautiful work of art (e.g. a bust or a colorful painting).


Remember that the best decorative mirrors can create wonders for your entryway. If you want to learn more or would like to have the mirror installed the right way, then call professional installers.

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