5 Tips for Moving into a New Office

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Stressed about moving into a new office space? Often small moving tasks can accumulate and eat into much more of your time than necessary. How do you deal with this best to ensure a smooth move? Read on to gain insight into making the most of your time by switching between offices with efficiency.

Start Planning Early

The most essential tip to take away here is that you should plan everything to occur well before it needs to. You should have all the necessary plans for the furniture and design of your office ready. Doing this allows you to focus on the fun part of moving – the layout and design of your office. When you have planned where everything is going in advance, you also have the added benefit of saving time. By planning early, you allow room for flexibility when hidden obstacles pop up.

One of the most important plans to have ready early is your budget. This needs to be completed before you consider any other plans. You need to know how much money is going where to avoid nasty surprises. Ensure you have an emergency fund to dip into in case of unexpected events during the move. Being prepared is key!

The best office movers are well aware of the fact that one small misstep can ruin something either expensive or of sentimental value.

Hiring a licensed and Insured Moving Company

When you’re in the market for a moving company, it is in your best interest to hire a licensed and insured moving company. When you hire protected companies, you are protected. You gain the benefit of this insurance, as your things receive cover for the move. Should anything get damaged, the company’s insurance covers their liability. You remain with peace of mind – the very thing insurance is out there to provide.

Ensuring your moving company has a licence is also essential. A licensed mover cements your peace of mind. A licence displays a company’s commitment to their health and safety procedures, amongst other things. You know you’re getting a company that values their work.

So, it’s simple: if you want guaranteed peace of mind and a smooth move, hire a licensed and insured moving company.

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Set up Utilities

Your utilities need to be set up in advance for your comfort. The last thing you need is to know that there are still hoops to jump through once the physical moving finishes. Avoid more stress by setting up your utilities before your big move.

When you have utilities set up for your business, you can move in, and get stuck into work. Otherwise, essential tools such as your computer, internet, and phone will be unable to function and leave you unable to work. Making the period following the move even more stressful.

 If you want to hit the ground running, set up your utilities to be ready for you to move in.


If it is within your abilities, and budget, appoint a manager for your move. The manager’s role would be to handle the administration to do with the move. Hold the manager accountable for facilitating progress on the move. Add lists with checkpoints on progress with deadlines to ensure things are running to schedule.

Any delegation should also fall on your staff generally. Ensure each staff member knows that they’re responsible for their desk and belongings. Inform staff that your appointed manager will be checking their progress and personal shifting plans. Keeping everyone on track is key to maintaining an organised shift.

Have an IT-Plan ready

Unfortunately, you can’t outsource the shift of your technology equipment. It is important to have a well-researched plan about how to shift your computers, servers, phones, and data/internet plans. Important files could end up lost in a poorly-managed shift. A good IT-plan should contain plans for both storage and transit. If you are upgrading your technology, look at recycling the old tech in any way possible. Consult the internet, and you’ll find plenty of places that will be grateful to receive your old tech.

Otherwise, if you’re looking to top up on your budget, some businesses do buy technology for parts. These companies come in handy when your previous technology may not be in top shape or even working at all.

Moving into a new office does not need to be stressful. Getting plans sorted properly in advance of a shift takes a load off everyone’s shoulders, meaning everyone can focus on their work. Get organised as soon as possible to ensure your shift is a breeze.

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