What makes Charlie Chaplin phenomenal? Have you seen any of his movies? He had no dialogues but something about him would make you laugh uncontrollably. The modern world is a distracting world. To find a way to rise from the rest of the competitors, then you have to do something that will make people turn their heads towards your direction.

So you want your audience to not only learn about your brand but to also give it a chance by buying it. Viewers are constantly consuming online content. To pitch to your market, you need to make a captivating, silent video.

Storytelling Minus the Voices

Do you think it is possible to tell a compelling story without putting any dialogues? To effectively do this, you need to make the audience concentrate on what is happening onscreen. Tell your story through memorable actions. These body movements should illustrate why your product is needful while still holding the viewers’ attention at the same time.

Working with a silent medium means you need to be an expert in behaviors, appearances, and actions. Say goodbye to fluff since this is no longer needed in your video. Change what used to be fluff or just take it out.

If you can create a twist ending, then your audience is going to love you.

Emphasize the Message of Your Video

Brand message matters and you have to reiterate what you are trying to get across. If you have to use bold letters to make a point, then do so. Mute the video by showing the features of the products and the actors enjoying every benefit that they get out of it. The happiness on the actors’ faces should be believable so that the viewers will want what the actors are experiencing.

There is no need for the actors to enumerate the features – simple texts at the bottom of the screen should be sufficient description. Its their actions that will compel the audience to want to buy.

Use Moving Music

Silent videos do not mean that you won’t need music or sound effects anymore. It is a standalone video where the viewers scroll through the content while a compelling music plays on the background.

Zero Sound – Be Bold

If you are brave enough, you could try a video that is totally silent. Viewers are used to sound when browsing so the silence could be a welcome respite for them. BUT you have to make sure that the video is forceful enough to stand on its own minus the soundtrack or sound effects.

Visual Elements Matter

When creating a video without dialogues or even a soundtrack, then it is critical that you pay attention to the visual elements. Use only a high-quality camera then make the set visually enjoyable. Find out which editing techniques will work for your video to further catch your viewers’ attention. Would you like to release a black and white video? Make good use of every frame so that the story is not lost during the few minutes that the video is being played.

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