5 Reasons Building Inspections Are Important

Building Inspection

Building Inspection

Whether you are buying or selling a home, a building inspection is vital. A building inspection is a critical process, and it will help you determine if the property is worth the price. Many people ignore going through the building inspection process, and in most cases, they end up buying a home that is not worth the money invested. Here are some of the reasons why building inspections are important.

1. Identification of Structural Issues

Before you purchase or sell a building, you need to know if the building is habitable. Some buildings might have structural issues, making them unsafe for people to stay in. Structural problems are dangerous and might cause collapses, which may cause injuries to people and other damages. Unfortunately, some major structural issues cannot get a solution without significant construction. This is one of the crucial reasons why you should always carry out a building inspection. With the inspection, you will be able to avoid investing in a property with major structural issues, which will save you from wasting money and being in danger of staying in a building that might collapse.

2. Know the Correct Value of the Property

Another reason you need to initiate a building inspection before purchasing it is to know the correct value of the property. In most cases, the asking price of a property is higher than the valid value. When you carry out a building inspection, various factors help in determining the value of the property. For instance, the inspectors can check the energy requirements of the home. If the heating and cooling system of the home is not energy efficient, the value of the house lowers. With an inefficient energy system, you will end up spending much more once you start using the property, which means you need to purchase it at a lower price. If you need a building consultant in Melbourne, Ryan Building Consulting can carry out inspections for all building types.

3. Proper Budgeting of Repairs

Purchasing a property is a significant investment, and it needs proper budgeting. You do not want to empty all your money from the bank after getting the property. Repairs are one of the high costs when you move to a new property, and you need to budget for the repairs. Carrying out building inspections will enable you to budget appropriately for the repairs. When negotiating for a property, you might get some cheap buildings. However, the buildings might be having various faults, which will cost you so much to repair. Carry out a building inspection, and add the cost of purchasing and repairs to see if it fits your budget. In some cases, you might find it better to buy an expensive property with fewer repair costs than buying a cheap property that will cost you much on repairs.

4. Identify Best Maintenance Practices

Building inspections are vital, and they will help you identify the best maintenance practices for the property. Purchasing a home is one thing, and maintaining it is another. During the inspection, the inspectors will check the security and safety of the property, energy requirements, and the water system. Once you know how security and safety are, you will know if you need to install safety measures or not. With energy requirements, you will learn approximately how much the energy costs will be. With that, you will know how to maintain your energy usage and lower costs.

5. Carry Out Quick Repairs to Void Major Damages

For some homes, you will need to carry out some repairs early to avoid significant damages. Carrying out building inspections will help you know the necessary repairs. You might find the property has issues like gas leakages, lack of ventilation, and has raised shingles. Such problems are easy to rectify, and failure to do so might cause significant damages, which are costly to repair. For instance, when you do not repair raised shingles, they might result in considerable roof damages, which will cost you much. Ensure you carry out building inspections for you to identify minor issues and repair them early enough.


Opting out of a  building inspection might be tempting because that means you need to spend on it. However, it is vital, and as your budget for buying a property, ensure you save some money for building inspection. Ensure the property you are purchasing is safe and worth the value.

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