5 Problems With Split System Air Conditioning and How to Fix Them

split ac troubleshooting guide

split ac troubleshooting guide

Air conditioners are paramount for accommodations or offices, especially in a warm and sticky environment. We use them frequently on dog days (summer) to remove sweat and dirty air, and at that time, you want your AC to work better all time without any problems.

Anyhow, either split or window AC will face a malfunction and issue if they are not appropriately maintained. Today, we will see about common split air conditioner problems and how to deal with them.

Everyday problems in split air conditioning and how can you repair them?

Frequent issues that arise in air conditioning because of a lack of proper repair or proper care can also help you.

  1. The moldy smell when AC is turned on.

When you turn on the AC, it gives a foul smell. No need to worry; the problem lies with the drainage pipe of the AC. Debris or dirt are the main issues, and they got stuck inside the waste pipe and drainage tray; water started collecting and smelled terrible after some time. This can lead to many health diseases, such as irritation, allergies, and other health diseases. It is very best to deal with them before they harm you. Call the expert technician; they remove the water and solve your problems in the nick of time. Apart from that, Best AC repair Carlsbad is also another option that you have at a look.

  • Thermostat is damaged

It is a control unit in the center of the house, which permits you to set the temperature according to our needs. You can manage the flow of air via remote control. Mistakenly, if the thermostat is broken, you cannot even control the climate temperature, which might damage the entire unit.

All parts combined make sure that split ac performs better. Proper repair and service will boost its life shell and ensure its smooth functioning. Let experienced, trusted, and technical teams call from the best AC repair Carlsbad further; they will take care of the system and get it fixed as soon as possible.

  • Shutting down of compressor too frequent

In this scenario, the filter of AC gets blocked due to the high gathering of dust and the remains of insects. Because of this, AC works even more to intake air for flow, thus raising the temperature of AC above the normal range. This will cause breaking down the whole compressor unit. Another reason can be a defective compressor, damaged starter, or burnt wire. To solve this problem, get the condenser coil cleaned, look at capacitors, clean the outer units, and replace the compressor if it is faulty. The cost of the compressor may be around $120, depending on the product company.

It is an expensive part of the Air conditioning unit, so you should call a technician to get it changed or maintained if you find any issues with it.


If the air conditioner is not cooling the room or giving out cool air, it may be due to the low level of a refrigerant. It is a liquid or gas compound that soaks heat from the internal environment and provides cooled air when connected with the compressor and evaporator. If there might be gas leakage or low refrigerant in the air conditioner, this may result in improper functioning.

High moisture or air pollution are the main reasons behind this problem. You can try to refill the gas to the ideal level as prescribed in the manual. However, it is not recommended to repair on your ac unit; calling an expert is best to solve this issue.

  • Deficiency of cool air

Split units are too economical and take very little time to cool the whole room. But if you find your room is not cooling down as before, it may be due to some issues after running for long hours. Dirty or clogged air filters ice formation on the evaporator coils is the leading cause. You can also check cooling by lowering the temperature.

  • Choked filters

Air filters are drafted to save your unit from dust, insects, and small particles.  If not checked or cleaned on time, they can get blocked and result in declining performance. Because of clogged filters, the system consumes more energy to cool the whole room, cutting your pockets. You also clean out dust from the filter by passing an air vacuum from it. Instead, you should call for the best ac repair service in Carlsbad.

  • Ice forming around the evaporator coil

The second reason may be the development of ice on or around the evaporator coil. It can form due to improper care of the unit, which leads to collecting bacteria, debris, or hairs on the air filter or the whole unit. Due to the generation of the thin ice sheet on the evaporator coil, it cannot take in latent heat and decreases the cooling process and performance.  Make sure you get them cleaned or clean yourself at regular intervals. If the issue persists, you should call professionals to tackle this.

AC performance sometimes degrades when the outdoor unit is dirty or clogged due to dust, hairs, and debris, stopping the unit from exchanging air with the inside unit. This may rarely happen when your home is renovating or under construction nearby. You can clean just by the high pressure of water, or it is recommended to call expert workers to handle this issue, if any.


Here all mentioned five problems are widespread in split air conditioning units, which will create too much mess for you. You should try first to get it repaired. If the problem is solved, then it is best; if not, contact the experts or look at the need AC repair Carlsbadfor more details.

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