5 Investment Opportunities You Should Consider in 2022

5 Investment Opportunities You Should Consider in 2022

5 Investment Opportunities You Should Consider in 2022

If you are an intelligent person with mindful thinking, you may be wondering how best you can come up with investment options that can positively impact the world. If so, you are not alone. Over recent years, investors have been thinking of ways to grow their wealth and make the world a better place for future generations.

Investing in Oil production is an example of lucrative investment, but it actually has its downsides when it comes to maintaining a greener economy. If you could bring up such a subject in the past, people would look at you like you were losing your mind, but today it makes sense.

1.  Green Investment

In a simple layman’s language, green investments are mutual investments and products that promote positive social, environmental business undertakings.

In recent years, climate change investment research has shown that there has been a change of interest for investors who are now taking sustainability into account when it comes to investments.

There exist a number of green fund investments that have shown a positive trend over the past years. Below are some that have become popular with investors:

  • Liontrust Sustainable Fund – This is a long-term ethical investment plan that focuses on sustainable future plans while improving the quality of life of individuals.
  • Guinness sustainable energy fund – This is your place for investors in need to invest in renewable energy. Gunness Sustainable fund allows you to invest in companies that focus on consumption, storage, and renewable energy sources.
  • Impax Environmental Market – Impax is one of the leading environmental fund trusts with a $640 million asset under its management. The fund generates over 107% of returns to companies focusing on environmental initiatives.

2.  Sustainable and Responsible Investments

SRI is a category that can choose to focus on specific strategies such as social, economic, and ethical issues. An example is that they can opt to work with organizations that choose to focus on how to reduce carbon emissions or how to cater to the climate crisis.

3.  ESG Investments

ESG is an ethical investment strategy that uses three factors to determine the effectiveness of a company its sustainability and its social impact on the world. ESG focuses on how best a company can conserve the world, how the company members socialize among its staff and the people at large, and the company’s governing.

ESG performance was very high during the pandemic due to the nature of focus based on tech and pharmaceuticals. This was stipulated as the demand for conference software and medicine was in high demand.

Furthermore, according to financial investment research, stocks in relation to the green economy face a lesser impact of the volatile market, which showed that they had less fallout when markets were down and even had a significant rise when markets recovered.


Shares have proved to be an alternative means of investment that still can be characterized as a green investment. Individuals can opt into buying company shares that work with morals that align with theirs. The critical point to note is that buying shares can be an intensive labor form of investment.

Another thing to note is that shares involve the use of transaction fees any time you buy or sell your shares. This can have an effect on your returns if there has been a market fallout.

5.  Index Funds

According to financial experts, people need to invest in low-cost and diversified institutions. Such funds have a low expense ratio or costs that are needed for all investors. Such an example is the S & P index fund.

The fund tracks almost 500 organizations that are available in the stock market. Index funds tend to be more lucrative and safe as they have the ability to broaden your investments over a wider market platform.

Over time, index funds have the ability to generate a heavy cash flow and are easily applicable if you have less interest in a specific stock. There are a number of index funds individuals can choose from depending on their priority of choice. Depending on your choice, you need to take note of their fees and their minimum investment upfront. EFT tends to be the best option for beginners due to its nature of low fees and minimum investments. The past performance of an investment plan does not mean an indicator of the future. Your investment may rise or fall.

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