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5 Interior Design Tips for the Ultimate Bachelor’s Pad

In starting the interior design process, it is important to figure out what is really important to you as a bachelor. Choose which pictures you will want to hang on your walls, what activities will be done in your crib and what colors to splash throughout the rooms.

Is a home office essential to you? Do you entertain your friends a lot? Do you like to make a bold statement by using dramatic colors or would you want your place to become a place of relaxation? As soon as you have figured out the answers to these, you can move on to patterns and materials.

The entire process is actually a series of answered questions. If you want to alter things in your life, your home is the greatest place to start. Here are a few interior design tips that bachelors ought to follow –

Don’t Go Without an Accent Wall

Single men should begin the interior design process with a proper accent wall. The accent wall will be the focal point of the whole place and everyone’s eyes will surely be magnetized by that one part of your home.

This wall is especially effective in your living room where a coffee table stands right by it. This single wall in a living space must be painted with a contrasting color or filled with an interesting mural. A mirror can also be installed or it can be wallpapered.

The idea is to create a wall that is different from the rest that are in the room.

A word of caution, though, if you opt to paint the walls, make sure to ask your landlord’s permission first as there can be leasing restrictions that you missed in your contract.

Use Space-saving Furniture

Space is a plus in any apartment. To maximize any limited living space, make sure to find sectional furniture. These pieces do not occupy much space when compared to two cozy chairs, a couch and an end table which can leave gaps. These gaps are wasted space so be careful in choosing furniture that would fill your home.

Sectional sofas come in many styles, choose which one will conform to your requirements. An L or U-shaped sofa can be chosen according to the function that you want for the living room.

Choose lighting that will look great behind the sectional as this will also eliminate the need for an extra end table.

Work on Just One Theme

Decide what theme to use then stick to it. If you’ve traveled to places in Europe, then you can communicate your love for this continent by using it as a theme in your home. Steer clear of eclectic collections as this will only create chaos rather than evoke a classy taste.

When choosing a theme, make sure that your creative side comes out. Never limit yourself with framed photos. Point out the energy of your chosen subject, say, a basketball theme.

Be Smart, Be Practical

As a bachelor, you need to be practical in all aspects of your life including designing your home. Hire a cleaning lady, one that will do the cleaning when you’re away to work. A fresh, clean apartment is a pleasant place to be in after a long day at work.

Visit Furniture Shops

If you still have no idea on how to begin designing your bachelor’s pad, then it’s time to hit the local furniture shops. Who knows, you might even find some amazing items that are on sale.

At the end of the day, your personal taste is the factor that matters most so ask an interior designer how you can incorporate this in your home.

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