5 Important Mission Style for Different Rooms

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Mission style is a universal term used when referring to architecture during the Spanish missions. This can also be used to refer to Mission Revival architecture. This style is commonly found in Southwestern, U.S. also in Mexico.

British Roots

The American Craftsman design’s roots can be traced back to the earlier British movement for arts and crafts. These date back to the 1860s when the movement spurred various distinct designs throughout the European continent.

This movement is a direct reaction to the ornate rooms that were common inside Victorian homes. Craftsmen became widely-sought because handmade pieces were preferred over the mass-produced ones, in essence, Mission style became anti-Victorian.

Boston Influence

The late 1890s brought about the works of influential designers, architects, and educators. These experts aimed to bring to America the reforms on designs that started in England.

The Museum of Fine Arts was the home to the first meeting on January 4, 1897. Contemporary crafts were exhibited then. Pretty soon, the first exhibition for American Arts and Crafts opened on April 5, 1897.

Mission: The Style

The mission style uses a lot of handcrafted glass, wood, and metal works. Though these materials are used abundantly in many opulent homes during the Victorian era, the mission style reverted their function to simplicity and elegance.

Mission style makes good use of sturdy furnishings, clean lines, and natural elements. An antecedent of this style is the Shaker style.

Mission Style Living Room

If you’re a homeowner who enjoys vintage decorative elements then you will automatically be drawn to the mission style. It is a style that is commonly associated with heavy oak pieces yet characterized by minimal and straight lines.

There are many ways to set up a historically-rich living room yet still with a modern appeal. The outcome is a place that is minimalist and modern though still attractive and functional.

Use earthy hues since nature is the primary color used in a mission style living room. Wall colors can be blue, tan, green, or yellow. Muted hues with a touch of gray can also be thrown into the mix to create a seemingly antique look.

Keep in mind that medium-oak, stained pieces should have very little to zero ornamentation. Pick chairs or a couch with exposed slat frames and leather upholstery. Other pieces that come with exposed joinery are the best pieces to represent the era.

Find additional pieces like end tables, coffee table, and other furniture pieces made with heavy oak, vertical slats, and bronze hardware.

Decorative accessories include an Art Nouveau print hung right above the fireplace or a huge couch. This artwork will easily become your conversation piece or your focal point.

Mission Style Bedroom

Creating a mission style bedroom means you can get creative. Refrain from decorating a suite with all the matchy-matchy pieces grouped together. Find a headboard that represents Southwestern influences and pair it with an Amish-style pair of side tables.

A mission style recliner would be a wonderful addition especially when an elderly is going to use this part of your home.

When it comes to bedroom colors, be sure to stick to the earth tone and neutrals. Don’t forget about the colors of Mother Nature that were taught to you. Sage green would look great on your bedroom walls which will make your Mission style furniture pop.

If you want a livelier bedroom, then you can add sunshine yellow, lavender, cranberry or white on your textiles. Paint the ceiling and floor with white enamel. Enhance the wood flooring further by adding an American hook rug.

Of course, you must also be aware of the lighting fixtures that you bring in. Tiffany style glass shades can add a lovely glow to your bedroom.

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