5 Home Improvement Projects – Do These In Less Than An Hour


Home improvement project is often seen as having alterations done in a home. This could be as simple as a few additions or it can be as grand as toppling down walls and buying new sets of furniture. This can be done by skilled and licensed contractors or you can take on a small project and do it all on your own.

Home improvement is important because it can increase the value of any property. Real estate value appreciates if the property is well-maintained, hence, it is seen by many homeowners now as a necessary expense.

Regular renovations can also make your current living conditions favorable. There are some people who do not immediately notice that parts of their home already need improvements. After quite some time, home improvement jobs will minimize major structural damages to your property. 

Significant Maintenance Schedules

It is important to know that there are many schedules for different home maintenance tasks. Examples are the heating system of your home, checking for loose or faulty wires, smoke detectors, even wall painting jobs. The roof must also be checked no less than twice every year. Homes that are mainly made of wood must be checked for termites.

Home renovation can be as simple as altering the paint colors or buying a new set of carpet. While the idea may seem simple, it can bring about huge changes in a home. If you decide to tear down one wall, then you would end up with a much larger space which can be used for various purposes.

Project #1: The Ladder as Focal Point

Turn an old ladder as a piece of art which can be displayed as a focal point in a room. Whether this ladder is made of wood or steel, you can paint it then have it hung on the wall. If this is not enough to bring attention to your focal wall then nothing else can.

The ladder painting job can be done in under 30 minutes.

Project #2: Shelf Lining

Have that living room bookshelf turned into something unique. Find colored paper that you can place at the back of the shelf. This is an upgrade that you can do every time the season changes. So, next autumn, have the shelf lining come in orange then replace it with white during the winter season.

Project #3: Furniture Recovery

This project may seem daunting but it is so simple that even DIYers can take on this task. Have some of your home furniture freshly coated with new paint, add some finishing touches and you’re done!

Furniture is not the only thing that you can revive with the use of paint. You can also give old lamps the needed excitement by having them painted. Some accent strips would also help in giving life to the lighting fixtures.

Project #4: Paint the Door

The front door is a home improvement project that you can take on every now and then. Red is the warmest and welcoming color that you can use. Sand down old lumps and have the peeling paint patched. You can then use semi-gloss paint to make your door stand out.

You can also have new band molding on the outside edges of your door. Have the corners mitered and use 4d finishing nails to nail them on. Your doorway should look more inviting to your family members and guests.

Project #5: Affordable Gallery Wall

You can build an instant gallery wall by painting one wall with an accent color. The fresh coat of spray paint should be used on frames to give the room a more cohesive look and feel.

A home improvement project need not be complex. Have these projects done in your home and you would surely be complemented by your friends.

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