5 Entryway Decorating Tips for a Great First Impression

We constantly make split-second judgments. It takes just a moment to decide if that meal looks like something we want to eat, if that person looks like someone we want to be friends with, or if that house looks like somewhere we want to spend our time. This makes your entryway, the first peek guests have into your home, an immensely powerful space. It holds the power to set the tone for the rest of the space. Be sure it’s warm, inviting, and well-designed. Use these 5 tips when pulling together your perfect entryway space.

Keep it organized.

packages as soon as you step inside. To give a little method to the madness, hang a few well-placed hooks for bags and coats. (We love these antler hooks for a whimsical touch.) If you have space, add a versatile organizer or console. Drawers work well to store keys or unread mail, and the flat surface makes a great place to put up family photos or other decor pieces. Shop our selection of hand-carved Western-style consoles or buffets, including the Lovina Large Iron Teak Console and the Bellagio Console.

Magnolia Buffet for Your Western Style Entrway

Add form to function.

It’s not the first place you think to decorate, but a well-designed entryway can boost your spirit when you arrive home from a long day. One easy way to add life into the space is by occasionally adding a vase full of fresh flowers. Show off what you are growing in your home garden or stop by the grocery store on your way home from work and place them right on your entryway stand. Flowers lend eye-popping color while adding some fragrance to a space that may accumulate odors. Add framed photos of your family or, if you have a painting gathering dust in your attic, bring it down to add some interest on the walls. One of our favorite pieces, “Sacred Place” would certainly bring color to your entryway while giving it a bit of Western flare.

Create a soft landing.

Besides adding color and texture, rugs serve a number of functions for improving the area around your front door. They quickly warm up hardwood or tiled floors, making people feel more comfortable as they walk in. Rugs are also useful for defining a more open entryway space. And functionally, a mat right inside the door allows people to wipe off their shoes when they enter your home (so always buy one that is washer-friendly). Check out Brumbaugh’s Western-inspired rug gallery to find the right rug or runner for your entryway.

Pull up a chair.

Though you may not spend much time there, seeing a comfortable place to sit as soon as you step into the entryway tells guests they are welcome to your home. It can help your entire house feel a little more inviting. Seating also becomes especially useful if you have kids who need a place to take off muddy sneakers or boots. Browse through our selection of ottomans and chairs to find comfortable, casual seating for your entryway.

Complete Your Entryway Decor with the Elijah Chair from Brumbaugh's

Let there be light.

A table or floor lamp is an easy way to add soft, peaceful light for guests or family members arriving home in the evening. Consider also adding a wall mirror; not only are they useful for giving you one last look before you leave the house, but they can brighten up the entire space by reflecting nearby sources of artificial or natural lighting. Brumbaugh’s wall mirrors are a stylish option to get the job done.

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