5 Brilliant Ways To Teach Your Audience About 5 Piano Placement Guidelines

A lot of new piano owners stress over the dilemma of where to put their piano. This is a critical decision, one that is equally important as its eventual care and maintenance. The correct placement of the piano can result in a better performance, more amazing sound, and longevity.

5 Piano Placement Guidelines

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There are rules on where to place your piano and where not to place them. These are proven guidelines that will help you enjoy your piano’s optimum potential. Of course, you need to consider the structural constraints of a home as well as the availability of a studio when you’re about to bring in this wooden instrument.

Never In or Around Daylight

What will happen if the only available space is that area where direct sunlight pours in? This would be a dilemma since the piano’s finish could easily fade when you expose it to direct sunlight each day. Also, you can count on the soundboard drying out or cracking as the glue joins also weaken all throughout your instrument.

A piano’s life expectancy will surely be cut short when you allow the temperature to rise even around its immediate area.

Never Near Any Window

Windows let in drafts of air, heat, and cold. These atmospheric factors can lead to humidity and temperatures that are not conducive to a healthy piano. These changes in temperature can also reduce the tuning ability of any piano. It can also lead to shrinking or swollen parts that would eventually result in poor performance and a bad mechanical condition.

Never Near Any Air Vent

Just like the window, an air vent is that place where air conditioners are installed or where fireplaces and heaters are situated. These can contribute to the instability of the room’s environment.

Just think of the piano as a biological creature that needs to live and breathe so you would not want it placed where there’s too much humidity and too much air flowing.

Grand Pianos and That Inner Wall

The grand piano should be placed in a room where its straight edge would be placed against one of the inner walls. This should preserve the sound of the piano as well as its entire framework.

This is also true with any upright piano. Always use an inner wall as the piano’s home, always carefully noting that it is away from direct sunlight, air vents, and windows.

A grand piano is also best positioned where the pianist could look right into the room and not facing a wall. Make sure that the bass side of the instrument (this is that straight edge on the left side) is always parallel to a wall.

This placement allows the piano bass to bounce right off the wall and then back into the room. The treble, on the other hand, will be projected right to the middle of the living room.

Use a 45-degree angle to position a grand piano when all you have is a diagonal corner.

The Piano Cover as a Last Option

If you really do not have any space or if you just have a few options for your piano’s home, then it could be because your home has space or structural restrictions. Don’t worry, you don’t have to topple down walls or reposition the layout of your home just so you can accommodate a piano.

Where physical restrictions are present, it becomes necessary to invest in a piano cover. This is highly recommended by a lot of piano technicians and preservers. Manufacturers even say that a piano cover can deter premature deteriorations.

If architectural structures are a not restricting and you have high ceilings, hardwood flooring, and such, then you have the most conducive kind of setting for a musical instrument as delicate as a piano. This is no less than an acoustic haven for your piano.

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