4 steps to Choosing the Right Air Conditioner For You and Your Home

Figuring out what air conditioner make and model would work best in your home or business is no easy task. Thankfully for you, we’ve decided to write out a few things we took into consideration when deciding on choosing American Standard as our main heating and air conditioning equipment manufacturer. We hope that this will shed some light on what to look for in your heating and air conditioning brand and unit you choose. Here’s why we continue to choose American Standard Air products:

American Standard
American Standard air products continually have phenomenal reliability and performance ratings. The company started in the 1880s and is now one of the leading manufacturers and providers of efficient heating and air conditioning units. They have a great reputation for their efficiency and cooling power.

Besides their consistent consumer ratings, one of the main factors that turned us on to American Standard if their variety in their product
lines. They offer a wide range of units that are designed to meet any need a customer may have. Whether they need a lower SEER AC unit to fit their budget and home size or they need the quietest operating unit, American Standard has it covered. 
Additionally, some units are more compatible with homes with a certain ductwork layout and insulation pattern. This is where the experts at E.F. Martin come in. We will examine exactly what your home needs and match that with one of the many American Standard air units.

American Standard is known in the heating and air conditioning industry as one of the most energy-efficient brands. With their high 18 and 20 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), they can save you almost 50% in utility costs when compared with an 8 SEER unit. You don’t have to purchase the highest SEER to experience efficiency. All of their air conditioning units, regardless of the SEER rating, were designed for optimal efficiency.

American Standard products are consistently ranked highest by consumers for reliability and quality. Their units were designed to bring you and your home or business more consistent comfort with fewer days interrupted by uncomfortable temperatures in your home. They allow you to spend more time in your home the way you want.

Regardless of what product and contractor you choose for all of your HVAC needs, we hope you take the above points into consideration when making your final decision. Efficiency, quality, variety, and reviews are all important factors that play a part in how well that brand and/or contractor is. If you have any questions about any of the American Standard Air products or any questions regarding anything heating and air conditioning, please give the team at E.F.

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