4 HVAC Features You Should Be Looking For Today

Are you thinking about upgrading your Sacramento, California, home with the latest high-tech appliances? If so, consider purchasing a new HVAC system. Today’s HVAC systems come equipped with features that make them more energy-efficient and easier to use while making your home more comfortable. Let’s discuss some of the HVAC features that homeowners should look for in a new heating and cooling system.

HVAC Zoning

Thanks to HVAC zoning, homeowners can now control the temperature of each room in the house. An HVAC professional places dampeners in the ductwork to create different zones. You can then program the dampeners to open and close according to your preferences. HVAC zoning gives you more control over comfort levels and energy usage. As a result, it helps you save money.

Air Purification

Even if you don’t have asthma or allergies, air pollutants such as dust and pollen can cause health issues. An HVAC system that includes an air purifier can help reduce these irritants and improve your home’s air quality. Your home will be cleaner, healthier and much more comfortable.

Smart Comfort Control

The benefits of smart thermostat are numerous. They’re easier to program and more efficient than conventional models. They’re capable of learning your habits and preferences and adjusting the temperature accordingly. You can control a smart thermostat remotely so your home is the perfect temperature when you get home from work. You can also monitor usage, which helps you lower your energy bills while helping the environment.

Variable-Speed Air Handler

A traditional air handler that sends a blast of air into your home and then shuts off. A variable-speed air handler allows your HVAC system to continuously operate at different speeds. HVAC systems with a variable-speed air handler provide more consistent cooling and heating. As a result, they’re more energy-efficient.

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