4 Cutting Edge Tips in Designing A Library

Library architecture or interior design needs meticulous preparation before the plans can even be drawn. An interior designer can be your best companion when it comes to planning. Look for one that has a good knowledge on the functions and layouts that actually work in libraries. This expert should have the needs of the patrons up in his head when he is out to plan the design.

It is vital for interior designers to be involved in styling libraries. A lot of book stores now offer comfortable chairs, even coffee service, to entice visitors in staying longer. Back in the day, a library was the most sterile and uninviting environment for a lot of people especially the younger ones.

Today, modern libraries can easily compete with the leading book stores in the country. All that you and your chosen interior designer has to do is to use knowledge in design and construction together with marketing skills in order to come up with a viable design. To bring in visitors of all ages, be sure to know how a library should look.

Retain the Element of Serenity

The chief element in any library design is its serenity. The library must be a place where studying and reading can be done. Another consideration that you need to look into is comfort. But be wary when choosing furniture or lighting fixtures for the sole purpose of comfort – of course, you would not want the library visitors to be so comfortable that they end up taking a nap instead of reading.

But sleepy library visitors frequent libraries – this is a fact of life – so you need to choose the correct color schemes that will induce reading or studying. But then, again, you would want to be careful in choosing too bright colors since they may impede the gentle atmosphere that the library is supposed to have.

Determine the Primary Needs in a Library

One of the basic steps in setting up a library interior is for the designer to speak with the library staff. This meeting should help him determine the needs of the staff and visitors in the library.

All the elements that are needed to design a library with a great ambience come together when the designer becomes more familiar with the needs of the people that frequent that area. For example, he needs to establish whether he is going to build a study library, a children’s library or reading library. Research the library’s history, how many people visit it every day, even the percentage of ethnic groups that visit the area.

The Library Must Be Handicap Accessible

An interior designer must remember that there will be some people with disability who will pay the library a visit. Consider how the disabled will be able to access the resources in the library. The digital section needs to be most accessible to disabled persons and the elderly. Study how you can set up magnifiers, screen readers and other input devices.

Physical access is the primary aspect that you need to consider here. Begin by placing the information desk in an easy to reach place. At the same time, design the door to be at the most accessible site. The furniture such as tables and chairs must have the correct design and height for people with mobility impairments. Even the layout of the toilet must be carefully considered; have one toilet designated especially for disabled persons.

Effectively Fuse All Other Design Elements

You need to interweave all other design elements such as carpeting, lighting, texture and colors. You may have to customize some furniture so that they can be incorporated into the library design.

Whatever happens, be sure to work with the most talented interior designer as you’ve only got one shot at creating the perfect library.

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