4 Common AC Problems That Needs To Be Fixed Right Now

Common Air Conditioner Problems

Common Air Conditioner Problems

If you have been using a cooling unit, you already know how often an AC unit requires repair or replacement. There are some AC repairs or replacements, which need to be fixed as soon as possible. Any delay can damage the whole cooling system and cost you more. Moreover, when these air conditioner problems are neglected, it hampers your comfort as well. So, why wait and suffer in the heat?

4 Common Air Conditioner Problems that Requires Immediate Fix

1.   AC Refrigerant Leaks

AC refrigerant is one of the critical elements in your cooling system that is directly associated with cooling your space. When the refrigerant level goes down, it’ll affect your cooling system as a whole. Generally, the refrigerant level goes down when there is a leak in your cooling system.

This refrigerant leak can be hazardous. That’s why as soon as you find out that there is a refrigerant leak in your air conditioning unit, you should call a certified cooling professional and repair the leak.

But how do you know if there is an AC refrigerant leak?

If you’re suddenly noticing that your AC system isn’t cooling your space as efficiently as before, there is a high possibility that you have an AC refrigerant leak. To identify the main culprit, you can do a scheduled checkup of your HVAC unit.

While repairing the refrigerant leak, it’s advised that you keep it for a certified HVAC professional unless you have years of experience in repairing HVAC units. Because handling AC refrigerant isn’t a child’s play. If the AC refrigerant isn’t handled correctly, it can be hazardous for you and your family. That’s why according to the law, it requires a certification for handling or repairing AC refrigerant leaks.


If your cooling system is currently using the banned R22 refrigerant, you should replace the refrigerant with the R410A. Because the R410A refrigerant more environmentally friendly than the R22.

2.   Clogged Air Filter

This is the most common air conditioning problem that almost every homeowner face. When you have a clogged AC air filter, it’ll hinder the airflow of your AC system. Because of this, your cooling system will have to run longer, which will increase the wear and tear in your air conditioning unit. Eventually, you’ll need frequent AC repair maintenance.

Again, when the air filters are clogged with contaminant particles, your space air quality will drop drastically. You’ll have health problems like asthma, breathing problem, nausea, etc. That’s why you should always replace your AC air filter regularly.

If you live in a polluted area or a city, you should replace the air filter every 60 to 70 days. Otherwise, you can replace it every three months. However, if you’re using a reusable AC air filter, you should wash and reuse it every 2 to 2.6 months.

The best way to know the actual time is by having a conversation with an HVAC professional.

You can improve the air quality of your house by adding a high-rated HEPA air filter to your AC. However, before installing these types of air filters, you’ll have to ensure that your current AC unit is compatible with them.

3.   Malfunctioning AC Thermostat

A thermostat controls your cooling system’s temperature. It’s considered the brain of an air conditioning unit. And when the brain starts to malfunction, you know the rest; the whole body, in this case the AC, will collapse.

If you’re currently facing problems with your AC thermostat, you should fix it as soon as possible. It can be a small wiring problem in the thermostat, or you may have to replace the whole thermostat. No matter what the actual culprit is, you should call an expert, identify the actual cause, and act accordingly. If you delay the repair or replacement, you won’t get the desired cooling from your AC. Besides, you’ll start to notice a spike in your monthly cooling bills. That’s why it’s crucial to act as fast as possible.

There are thermostats like programmable or smart thermostats, which can make your life easier. With these thermostats, you can save more energy and increase your comfort. However, like installing a high-rated air filter, you’ll have to check your system’s compatibility while installing such a thermostat in your cooling unit.

4.   Damaged AC Compressor

If the thermostat is the brain of an AC, then the compressor will be the heart of it. Due to various reasons, your AC compressor can start malfunctioning or get damaged. For example, when your cooling system is low on refrigerant, the AC compressor will become excessively hot, and it’ll stop functioning. Again, when the AC is low on refrigerant, it can increase the AC pressure, leading to compressor failure.

Apart from these, dust, leaves, etc., can damage your AC compressor as well. So, is there any signs of a damaged AC compressor?

If you’re noticing weak airflow from your cooling system, chances are your AC compressor is damaged.

In this case, call a cooling professional and inspect the compressor. If the compressor is severely damaged, you should replace it instead of repairing it.


If you’re not an expert in handling or repairing air conditioners, you should do all these AC repairs or replacements with the help of a professional. Because a small mistake during repair or replacement can ruin your entire cooling unit.

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