30 Best Ideas For Romantic Custom Valentine Gifts

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and love is in the air, whether you’re dating, committed, or single and trying to love yourself a little more this year. With all the festivities around the corner, you will definitely want to prepare yourself with some terrific gift ideas for the ones who mean the most in your life. 

Here are 30 of the most unique gifts that can be customized for a more personal appeal. From romantic fishing lures to personalized Rubik’s cubes, you have lots of possible gift options for any kind of individual.

1. Custom Blankets

Give the gift of warmth in exchange for the warmth of your lover’s smile. If fancy dates are not an interest due to blistering winter weather outside or a tight post-holiday budget, no worries! This year, treat your Valentine to a night inside, snuggled on the couch, warmly wrapped in a soft plush Personalized Blanket.

Cue the Frank Sinatra, warm up some hot cocoa, and let the magic and romance happen. For a personal flair, consider customizing your gift blanket with a meaningful photograph or design, such as a cute couple or family photo and thoughtful captions.

2. Custom Phone Cases

Have you monitored your screen time lately? If so, you have probably noticed that you spend a good chunk of time texting and video chatting with your significant other. From memes to grocery lists, there are plenty of online sharing to be done in any relationship.

As a way to express the joy you experience during your daily phone communication with your significant other, consider buying a Personalized Phone Case as a fun romantic gift! You might find a good Valentine-themed design and message to express your love and affection for the most valued meme source and online Scrabble partner. 

Have  iphone 11 phone case? or perhaps galaxy s10 plus case , go get it customized with picture of your valentine!

3. Custom T-Shirts

As a couple, you have probably learned the value of teamwork and tight-knit cooperation. And what better way is there to express your zealous team spirit than to design matching custom t-shirts for you and your significant other?

Personalized t-shirts offer a plethora of possibilities. Your creativity is the limit. Whether you are intending quirky caption and clip-art or a thoughtful design incorporating personal photos and words of romance, your significant other is bound to experience a flutter of the heart when they see the effort and thoughtfulness you put into their gift.  

4. Custom Love Rose Bears

One of the most popular Valentine’s gifts of 2019 was the rose bear, a teddy bear made of natural or artificial roses. And it is predicted that this adorable work of floral art will only increase in popularity and attraction to the general public in years to come..

For the special someone who loves teddy bears and flowers, this gift checks off two items on the Valentine’s Day checklist. Customize your rose bear with any colors you choose, whether you decide to go along with traditional red or pink Valentine colors, or something out-of-this-world, like neon green.

5. Illustrated Love Story Book

Capture the magic of your own personal love story by immortalizing it in a quaintly illustrated love storybook. This elegant little gift will certainly bring blushes to your lover’s cheeks. It is sure to bring smiles and laughter to family and friends as well. 

With cute personal caricatures and user-friendly written content, this gift is sure to please loved ones of all ages.   

6. Custom Underwear Sets

Customized underwear sets like those from the website Meundies are gaining more and more appeal to the public. Meundies (and other similar sites) offer customizable sets for couples, including one speedo style underwear garment for men and a matching women’s set of panties and a sports bra.

Cute matching underwear will definitely get the two of you in the mood for some Valentine cuddles and romance (especially if you add a warm customized sherpa blanket into the picture). From donuts and pizza slices to pretty much anything imaginable, Meundies have a great variety of designs and sizes to accommodate the needs of any couple.

7. SofaSpanx

Are you one to decorate the house for the holidays? You will want to make sure that you coordinate your furniture into the mix. If you currently have a neutral colored couch and are not sure how to incorporate it into a Valentine theme, consider using Couch Covers. 

Sofa Covers x fit over your couch like a fitted bedsheet. You can customize to any size and color you would like to have. In addition to the visual appeal of sofa spanks, you will love the functionality aspect of them as well. Sofa-Spanx protect your furniture from the wear and tear of everyday life – especially if you have pets at home. 

8. Personalized Mugs

Before you and loved one embark on your Valentine’s day extravaganza, you will surely want to start the morning right with a hot simmering cup of rejuvenating coffee (or whatever beverage that gets your engine revved up in the morning). 

If your significant other is alert enough in the morning, you might consider surprising them first thing with a special Valentine’s day Custom Photo Mug, customized with a picture from your past romantic vacation together and a message that is sure to inspire the spirit and soothe the mind. Custom Coffee Mugs are an excellent gift choice for valentine.

9. Custom Cut Beef Jerky Bouquet

This one is for the meat lover in your life. Don’t waste money on a gift that wilts when you could spend it on a gift that satisfies beastly hunger. Yet, if you’re reluctant to give up the classic move of flowers for Valentine’s day, but wish for something more, you might consider the new option of a beef jerky flower bouquet. 

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a manly man, this not-as-fruity version of edible arrangements is sure to please his eyes and the taste buds. Many vendors offer this tasty product in a wide variety of flavors and arrangements

10. Personalized Soda Bottles

It is a sunny afternoon on Valentine’s day and your significant other comes home from work. She loves a refreshing soda every day, but today you decide to bubble things up a bit with a custom labeled soda bottle. 

Some companies even offer custom beer bottles as well, if that’s something you’re looking for. Whether you are thinking of a clever, cute, or downright goofy message to caption on the label, this year is the time to make something ordinary a little more fun just for Valentine’s Day. 

11. Personalized Beer and Wine Glasses 

There’s no better way to celebrate the day of love! Whether your lover is a fan of filling the stein or the goblet or both, this is the ideal gift for either! Make the evening fun with beer and brats, or, for a more romantic feel, set up some wine and chocolates for an evening dessert. 

For an even better romantic touch, use customized glasses with a personalized message and design. You might even consider trying customizable wooden beer and wine glasses, which are starting to come into style.

12. Personalized Socks

Everyone loves a warm and comfy pair of socks for lounging around after a long busy day, but we all have someone in our lives who really loves, and I mean really, REALLY, LOVES, to wear and collect socks! 

Consider getting custom socks as a Valentine’s Day gift for that special sock lover in your life. You might select a custom Valentine design, or possibly a design with memorable picture collages or simply images of your own face as a way to help them remember you during any time when you are away.   

13. Custom Stuffed Animals

For those who either love stuffed animals such as teddy bears, monkeys, sloths, dinosaurs, dogs, cats, ladybugs, and whatever else, consider getting a custom-designed Valentine stuffed animal as a quaint little gift. 

Many companies not only offer custom coloring and design but options for thoughtful embroidered messages as well. Some custom plush toy companies even offer options for choosing adorable costumes to dress up whatever stuffed animal you decide to purchase.  

14. Custom Jewelry

Express how much that special someone means to you with a cherishable piece of custom jewelry. You might consider choosing a ring, bracelet, earrings, or some kind of custom piercing. When it comes to jewelry, a popular option for customization is the birth month gemstone. 

You might also do something even more romantic like choosing a gemstone from the month of your first meeting or anniversary. Who knows, you might even find that this Valentine’s day you want to pop the big question, so get out there and design the custom ring of your loved one’s dreams! 

15. Custom Design Photo Album

Immortalize your most cherished memories of love and romance in a custom-designed photo album. There are many different options aside from your traditional photo insertion sheets in a binder. Consider scrapbook style or even the Hexagon 

Love Note folding photo album design that is gaining popularity as an eye-catching photo display. 

16. Personalized Candles and Candle Holders

Light up the evening on Valentine’s Day. Make your classic homemade candlelit dinner all the more meaningful with custom candles and candle holders. You might have to do some sleuthing to figure out your significant other’s favorite scent, but the candle holder may be customized with a romantic couple’s photo and message of heartfelt affection. 

You can even consider looking into custom tealight candle holders, which are gaining popularity, especially as Valentine’s gifts. The tealight holder encloses the candle like a birdhouse. You can customize the tealight holder by having a silhouette design carved into the exterior of the “roof” or “walls.”  

17. Custom Retro View Reel Viewer

If you and your Valentine grew up in the 80’s or ’90s, you probably remember when kids used to entertain themselves with reel viewer toys like the patented View master and other brands. 

Now you can create your own custom reel viewer picture reels with your own personal photograph collections! Get a reel view for your lover and make your own photo reel for a more reminiscent feel this Valentine’s day.

18. Custom Beach Towels

If you live in a more moderate beach climate and plan on spending Valentine’s Day having a fun sunny day in the sand, you might want to think ahead and create a custom beach towel for your lovely sunbathing date. 

There are many options out there for customizing towels, including background color and caption, as well as using your own photographs. Stay dry this Valentine’s Day, and protect your legs from the sand with a personalized beach towel that will mean a lot to you and your Valentine for years to come. 

19. Personalized Message in a Tiny Bottle

If you love giving Valentine’s Day cards, but are currently searching high and low for an alternative, you might want to try messages in a tiny bottle this year. Companies are offering customized messages and a selection of props to place in the bottle as well. 

From Pokemon to Lord of the Rings, there are quite a few options to choose from! A gift like this would go well as a small accompaniment to a Valentine gift bundle, or as a small surprise leading to many more throughout the day.  

20. Custom Valentine Sneakers

Love is a wonderful and sometimes challenging journey, so you better make sure your partner laces up with the right footwear on Valentine’s Day. Many well-known shoe companies such as Converse, Vans, and Adidas, as well as more generic brands, offer a world possibilities for you to create your own custom-designed shoes. 

You can choose from a variety of images and designs, and even captions or embroidery in some cases. It all depends on which custom shoe design you go with and what options that brand will have for you to customize. No matter what brand you choose or what you customize you can rest assured no one else will have a pair quite like yours. 

21. Custom Canvas Photo Prints

Pictures preserve warm memories, and they embody all of the feelings and inspiration that would otherwise escape and get lost in the moment. This Valentine’s day, enrich your relationship and brighten the atmosphere of your interior with a Personalized canvas printed photograph, as an alternative to the usual paper or laminated prints. 

custom canvas print brings a new life to a photograph, and creates a more classic vintage feel in a room. With a custom canvas, you have a large variety of options for sizing, caption, and design to choose from to make the perfect gift and addition to any living space. 

22. Personalized Photo Puzzle

There’s no reason to over complicate a Valentine’s day date. Simply playing games together offers a valuable opportunity to work, think, relax, and bond. Better yet, do a puzzle that you can create yourself with any photo of your choosing. Customize the size and shape of your puzzle into a heart or alternate shape. 

When you finish building it, glue it in a frame and use it to decorate your interior with an alternate media of photography. Some custom options will even let you choose how many pieces you want to have in your puzzle. Just like your custom puzzle, your love story will also continue to come together to make a bigger picture, one piece at a time.  

23. Custom Tumblers

Cheers to an exciting and romantic Valentine’s Day with custom tumblers! Create a unique personalized mug to give that special someone who loves their beverages at home or on the go. 

Customize your mug by choosing the material and color, and consider captioning a meaningful message and using a memorable photograph in your design.  

24. Personalized Piggy Bank

No matter who you are, everyone needs a safe and secure place to store all their Benjamins… Or Lincolns… If not the paper kind, at least the round copper kind. Whether your significant other is making bank or starving on the streets due to post-college debt, you can’t go wrong with giving them an attractive place to store some of their savings. 

Design a custom piggy bank using your choice of colors, caption, and images. If you consider yourself a generous gift-giver, you might even hide some seed money in the bottom of the freshly customized and brand new piggy bank to make the gift extra special.

25. Personalized Photo Rubik’s Cube

This one is for the brainiac that you love and admire. As if the regular Rubik’s cube is not entertaining enough, you can now customize your own Rubik’s cube with a personalized photo of your choosing. 

You can choose an image for each side of the cube. There are also options out there for custom caption and visual effects and filters for your chosen photos. Besides the standard 3-by-3 cube, you might even consider designing a 4-by-4 or 5-by-5 to challenge the expert logician who has already proven to be the best of the best. 

26. Embroidered Robe Set for Couples

If you and your significant other are too busy to go out for a date this year on Valentine’s Day, don’t sweat it, and just have a night in. Don’t go through the hassle of dressing up and putting on tons of make-up and hairspray.Instead, stay warm and comfortable this Valentine’s Day with custom embroidered robes that you design for you and your significant other. 

You might consider embroidering a romantic nickname or message on each other’s robe. Break out the wine and chocolates and turn on your favorite episode of Friends. It’s time for the festive “chillaxebration” to begin. 

27. Personalized Apron Set for Couples

For every Bonnie, there’s a Clyde. Whether the two of you enjoy teaming up together to do some grilling, cooking, baking, painting, or working in the shop, you can increase the bond of teamwork between the two of you with customizable aprons. 

One of the most romantic things a couple can do together is work together to create something wonderful, whether it is a dish, work of art. Customize your set of matching aprons with personalized design including your choice of clipart, photos, and caption. Whether you want to go in a romantic or humorous direction is entirely up to you! 

28. Engraved Wobbler Fishing Lure Set for Couples

The couple the fishes together stays together. If the two of you make up the world’s best fishing duo, consider getting a set of custom engraved the lures with messages of love and humor, such as “hooked for life,” or, “You’re so beautiful that I feel like a fish out of water.” 

Ok, well, the latter might not make as much sense, but you get the point. 

29. Personalized Dog Tag Set for Couples

Dog tags have always been in style. Wear matching sets of customizable dog tags as a couple to express your inseparable bond, even when life is a battlefield full of blood, sweat, and tears. 

Engrave a personal message on each tag. This gift will especially attract military spouses. If the two of you are going to be separated, consider getting a set of engraved dog tags as a way for the two of you to express your loyalty during times of separation. 

30. Personalized Valentine’s Day Escape Room

If you’re the cooky and creative type, you might consider designing your own festive themed escape room game for your significant other to puzzle over on Valentine’s day. All you need is a room and Valentine’s props of your choosing. 

There are many guidebooks out there with cookie-cutter templates for designing escape room games. Simply buy a book and get to work! 


There are many wonderful ways to express the love you feel to the people who matter most in your life. You won’t be stuck with plain gifts this year if you put in a little extra thought and effort and look into these custom gift options for your Valentine. With this list and your shopping prowess, you’ll be able to make this year an especially memorable one.

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