3 Outdoor Fabric Indoors Secrets You Never Knew

The hot summer season is long gone but this does not mean that you have to resort to grays, navy blues, blacks, and whites now. You can still bring in the vibrant feeling from your backyard patio, indoors.

Sometimes referred to as the indoor-outdoor fabric, this fabric is sturdy and a looker. No, you won’t be sacrificing the fashionable look of your living room when you bring in the beauty of fabrics such as Sunbrella.

Flexsteel Living Room Fabric Ottoman
Flexsteel Living Room Fabric Ottoman comes with UV-stablized pigments. The Sunbrella fabric cleans quickly and comes in many sophisticated designs and rich textures.

Choose from prints, weaves, stripes, solids, and many different patterns and textures for your outdoor fabric. This can work in your living room, in the sunroom, at the patio, by the poolside, even the dining room.

You will be surprised at the number of indoor-outdoor fabrics that you can now choose from. There are many gorgeous patterns to look at which makes picking a tad more difficult. If you like graphic looks or the trendier designs, there are also choices for these.

Sunbrella Is Beauty

Indoor-outdoor fabrics are made of synthetic fiber like polyolefin and acrylic. Some offer a high resistance against UV pigments which means, you can use the fabric even in a sunny space. The fibers are cut, baled, then blended, and spun to yarn then woven into the durable fabric that you know.

The color becomes a part of the fabric so they are colorfast. You will see no crocking or colors rubbing off. Such fabrics also hold up to the strongest bleach solutions.

Marine and shade fabrics were used for awnings back in the day. Their marine uses were also numerous. Sunbrella was, and still remains, the backbone of the outdoor fabric industry.

There are a lot of fetching colors to go to, also. Marine and shade fabrics were labeled as such because they can really withstand the harshest weathers. These are water repellent so you won’t have to worry about staining or furniture damage.

Till this day, the texture of awning and marine fabrics is flat; this is a requisite for the durability that is required of them.

The fancier versions, however, come with weaves. Jacquard looms were used to weave these valuable fabrics as opposed to the easy fabric printing that is done with regular fabrics. These high-performance fabrics maintain the softness of textiles while offering a thicker cover for your furniture.

Prints have beautifully offset the traditional solid colors of indoor-outdoor fabrics of old. These come with UV-resistant dyes. Just like their awning and marine fabric cousins, they are durable yet they can still be used as cushion covers, draperies, or furniture upholstery.

Sunbrella sheers are also now available. These have helped solve the conventional problems on polyester sheers that turn yellow and tend to break down the moment they are exposed regularly under the sun.

Sunbrella sheers are fade-resistant and they are super easy to clean. Available widths are up to 54 inches.

Sites to Use Indoor-Outdoor Fabrics

If you are the clumsy kind, then you would think ten times before putting any light-colored upholstered furniture in your home, right? Thanks to indoor-outdoor fabric manufacturers such as Sunbrella, you can now enjoy these light-colored furniture pieces without worrying too much about spills and stains.

Even your living room upholstery can now withstand the harshest cola and candy stains. You can also now bring in your furry friends indoors since you won’t need to worry about snagging and scratches anymore.

Let’s Set Some Expectations

Of course, every fabric is not bulletproof. Having a Sunbrella fabric does not mean that you sit on your couch like it is an indestructible piece. Also, keep in mind that every fabric, even Sunbrella, has a different fade resistance. The degree of fading depends on factors such as whether it is printed or solid and the hours of exposure.

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