13 Best Secluded Beaches in the United States

 Sometimes, you just want to get away from it all, including other people. Beaches are a popular tourist destination, inviting families and young kids to play in the surf and sand. While fun, the popular beach destinations may not be for you if you’re looking for quiet and solitude on the beach. What you need is one of the best-secluded beaches in the United States.

13 Best Secluded Beaches in the United States

By Bethany Hayes.

While families tend to flock to the popular tourist destinations on the coasts complete with amusement parks and restaurants, several coastal destinations still have the privacy you want. From isolated nature retreats to quaint villages, these beaches show you that you don’t need the lights and rides to get away at the beach.

13 Secluded Beaches 

1.Carova Beach

 Location: North Carolina

best secluded beaches

The Outer Banks is a popular destination for families and couples. Carova Beach is tucked away in the Outer Bank region, but further away from the usual spots. Carova Beach is only accessible by boat or with four-wheel drive because the area doesn’t have paved roads. How’s that for secluded?

Visitors soak in the sun and beach on 11 miles of quiet shoreline. You can stretch out on the beach or hunt for seashells. You might even see one of the wild mustangs that roam the area. These mustangs love to spend time by the ocean and in the local residential neighborhoods. 

If you do want to stay on Carova Beach, no hotels or condos exist. You can book a vacation rental home weekly. 

2.Roque Bluffs

 Location: Maine

If you think of a quaint seaside village, Maine might pop into your head. Roque Bluffs offers 274 acres of coastline with a breathtaking half-mile long pebbled beach. You can take a dip in Simpson Pond, a local favorite, or walk along the beach cliffs. 

Roque Bluffs is quite different than other secluded beaches, offering more of destination for nature lovers. The area’s wildlife is diverse and abundant. You will stumble across different plant and bird species while visiting. Take the time to paddle out on a canoe or kayak to enjoy the scenery. 

Just like many other less-visited beaches, Roque Bluffs doesn’t have hotels or condos. You will need to rent a cottage or a vacation home for the stay. 

3.Bahia Honda State Park

  Location: Florida

best secluded beaches

Believe it or not, the Florida Keys aren’t famous for their beaches, even though they sure have some beautiful ones. Bahia Honda State Park is just before the Big Pine Key. This is the spot where you can enjoy the ocean breezes and awe-inspiring sunsets.  

Bahia Honda has some of the best snorkeling in the world, with coral reefs that are full of sea creatures. The water is like bathwater, where you can just enjoy and gentle waves.  

The park is open every day at 8 AM, and it costs $8 per vehicle to enter. 

4.Folly Beach

 Location: South Carolina

If you’re visiting the Charleston area, a day at Folly Beach is a must-do. Folly Beach is known as the Lowcountry’s summer playground. You can enjoy a variety of water sports and attractions. Surfers and swimmers can enjoy the water at Folly Washout and take in the ocean views. The pier is one of the popular spots to watch the beach and water. 

Folly Beach offers some of the best seafood restaurants, featuring seafood caught that day. You can stay in small inns or try one of the local villas.

5.Enderts Beach

 Location: California

California has some of the best beaches in the United States, and the Enderts Beach offers the ultimate seclusion. Located in the Redwood National Park, Enderts Beach offers a stunning contrast between the 37 miles of coastline surrounded by the massive 300-foot evergreen trees. Enderts Beach offers plenty of photographic opportunities. 

You can enjoy stretching out on the beach feeling the sand between your toes. Visitors can hike the 500-foot overlook off the Enderts Beach Trail for gorgeous views of the forest and ocean. Bring a picnic here and enjoy! 

6.Second Beach

 Location: Washington State

Located along the Olympic Coast and nestled between the First and Third Beaches, Second Beach offers substantial cliffs and headlands. Second Beach is so secluded because it’s only accessible via a hiking trail, but it’s worth the time that it takes to reach.

Waves crash over and over again along the shoreline that stands aside ascending spruce trees. You can pitch a tent and camp at Second Beach, but make sure you get a permit ahead of time to do so. La Push is nearby, and you can find lodging available there. La Push is a tiny village as well. 

7.Wildcat Beach

   Location: California

 Location: North Carolina

Getting to Wildcat Beach is no easy feat. You have to work to get there, but the views are worth it. Wildcat Beach is known for its hiking and biking trails, and it involves a 5-mile walk to reach access to the beach’s water. Not only do you get some beach time, but you also get a workout as well.

Once you reach the beach, Wildcat Beach offers beautiful stretches of sand, cliff views, and a tranquil place to spend the day. Watch the waves and splash in the surf, just don’t forget you have the 5-mile trek back to your car! 

8.Rockport Beach

Location: Texas

Texas might not pop into your mind when you think secluded beaches, but Texas has hundreds of miles of coastline. That means some areas have to be closed off, and one of those beaches in Rockport Beach. This beach is open from 6AM to 11 PM daily, and it costs only $5 to park. It’s called Texas’ First Blue Wave Beach. 

You’ll find miles of white-sand beaches that are perfect for family. Rockport isn’t known for being a tourist attraction, so while you might not be alone, you’ll just find locals scattered here and there. 

9.Sandbridge Beach

Location: Virginia 

The big attraction in Virginia is Virginia Beach, but that doesn’t offer you the seclusion you desire. Located just to the south, Sandbridge Beach is just 15 miles away from Virginia Beach. Sandbridge has pristine dunes and warm waters in the summer. 

Visitors can explore Sandbridge Beach on bicycles. Driving through the neighborhoods and looking at the wildlife and plants is a great way to spend the day. The location offers visitors access to Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, or hike through the False Cape State Park. 

10.Awaha Beach

 Location: Hawaii

No good beach list leaves out beaches at Hawaii. While all the beaches there offer beauty and fun in the sun, Awanha sets that bar high for everyone else. Awahua has an isolated sandy shore that only was a colony for lepers – seriously. This area of the state is still one of the underdeveloped spots. 

To reach Awanha, you will need to use the hiking trail or catch the views from the cliff. Awanha has a public lookout near the trailhead. Everyone loves the black sand beaches at Awanha, but the strong currents make it a place you shouldn’t go swimming.

There aren’t any hotels on Awanha, but you can get a room in Molokai 

11.Cumberland Island

Location: Georgia 

Best secluded beaches.

Cumberland Island, located on Georgia’s coastline, has a little bit of everything for everyone. The 18-mile long beach has dunes, forests, and marshes. It will feel like your own slice of paradise, untouched by people. You can walk under the trees or watch the wild horses run on the beach.

The only way you can access Cumberland Island is via ferry, so it’s one of the most secluded beaches. There is a family-friendly hotel nearby that offers tickets for the ferry as well as comfortable lodging. 

12.Long Beach

Location: New York

Best secluded beaches

So, you might be surprised to see Long Beach, New York on this list, and it may not be one of the most secluded beaches. Long Beach is definitely one of the most underrated beaches in the country. When you think of New York and its suburbs, you don’t usually think of a beach. Outside of the elusive Hamptons, New York isn’t known for its beaches.

Those who live in the city understand the appeal of Long Beach. Seeing the words tranquil beach and New York probably make you laugh, but it’s true. You’ll find a 2.1-mile boardwalk with white sand and blue water lapping up on the beach. It’s a 45-minute train ride from Manhattan. 

If seclusion is really wanted while staying close to the city, check out Lido Beach and Point Lookout Park. Both don’t receive too much attention, but they also don’t offer too many amenities. 

13.Okaloosa Island

Location: Florida 

When you think of Florida panhandle beaches, Destin tends to be the common choice, but if you want to get away from it all, Okaloosa Island is the place to be. Okaloosa Island is 875-acre of lovely, white sand beaches, surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico.  

Here, you won’t find any hotels, stores, or condos. All you’ll find is empty beaches, views of the ocean, and endless of hours in the sun. It’s the absolute best secluded beach in the panhandle of Florida. Okaloosa even has a quarter-mile long fishing pier if that’s something you enjoy. 

So let us know if you happen to visit any of these wonderful beaches, we would love to know about your experience!

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