11 Simple Front Yard Decoration Ideas That Can Hypnotize Your Guests

Front Yard Decoration Ideas

Front Yard Decoration Ideas

It doesn’t have to be a straight line if you’re wondering how to make a garden. With curves and curves, the design is more beautiful. A stone overlay can be made beautiful and easily maintained even for the smallest area.

The size of the house is getting smaller and has an impact on the park. There is a small garden, there is not even an area for plants at all. However, you should not be sad because there are some inspirations for the front garden of our offering house. Let’s see inspiration soon!

  1. The Terrace Can Also Be Turned Into A Home Garden

The park does not have to be in an open area, even the roof of the house terrace can be turned into a garden in front of the house. The trick is not to dismantle the terrace floor so that it can be planted with flowers, but by placing flower pots on the terrace floor.

  1. Living Wall To Decorate Your Home Garden

This living wall or vertical garden is a solution for those who want to have a garden in a limited area. Take advantage of empty walls as a park in front of the house like this. You must first provide wood or metal support. Then, provide a small pot filled with green plants.

  1. Hang the Pot as a Home Garden

Don’t have land to put your favorite plant pots on? Simply hang the pot in the front area of the house, so that a simple front garden is made. Choose small pots and iron chains as hangers so that the pot doesn’t fall easily and hurt the occupants of the house.

  1. Decorate the Home Garden with Birdbaths

Bird bathing to decorate the front of the home garden seems still foreign to the people of Indonesia. This bird bath is where wild birds can bathe. The size is not large and you can decorate the edge of the birdbath with small plants such as mini cactus.

  1. The front garden of the house as a place to relax

After a day of activities that exhaust your mind and body, you need a place to escape. Besides relaxing in the bedroom, you can also calm your mind in the middle of the front garden of this house. Fill the front garden of the house with your favorite plants, then place a few chairs to rest. When you are here, you are guaranteed to be far from the city.

  1. Waterfall Walls with Green Plants

If you have a fairly large wall in the front garden of the house, make a multi-story waterfall like this. Plant several types of greenery around it so that the front garden of the house feels like having a waterfall in the wild.

  1. The front garden of a neat house with footpaths

A garden does not always have to be filled with colorful flowers. This stretch of grass has also created a beautiful atmosphere. To make it neater and no grass to step on, make a path to your garden design. If you want a more attractive appearance, you can use colorful natural stones or stones with certain motifs.

  1. Create a Home Garden in the Entrance Area

Don’t worry if you don’t have more land to park in front of the house, because the entrance area can also be used as a park. The method is simple, you only need to put a number of plants in small pots that have various shapes. Arrange neatly around the entrance area so as not to block the entrance of the occupants of the house. Don’t forget to trim the plants that are already dense so as not to disturb the scenery.

  1. Japanese Style Home Garden Front

Japanese-style parks are identical to grasses, trees, bushes, and rocks. This garden-style can be applied to the front garden of the house because the elements are very simple. The atmosphere created by this Japanese-style garden is very beautiful and peaceful.

  1. Waterfall in the front garden of the house

The front garden of the house must be adjusted using the garden decoration used. Currently available artificial waterfalls in various sizes and levels. Choose the size according to the size of the garden.

  1. Place the Plant Pot on the Stairs

The size of the front garden of the house is not possible to accommodate all your plant pots? Take care of this problem by placing it on a folding ladder.

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