10 Tips To Choose The Right Interior Door For Your Home

Interiors doors are an exceptional piece of designing that’s often underrated. We relate doors to their safety and their basic mechanism, but modern interior design and style with so many options available give us a more wide view of Interior Doors. Not only are they strong and secure but also eccentric with a variety of choices at hand.

When you walk in, the first thing that any visitor looks at is the entrance door. Then followed by the other separations inside the house. With so many options, designs, and styles, and materials available you’re spoilt for choices at best.

Let’s look at some tips to follow while you’re out buying interior doors-

Considering choices for Interior Doors

We all find ourselves caught up with different choices to choose from. To make the process easy we bring some simple tips to consider before you buy interior doors for yourself.

  1. Style of the Door: it’s extremely important to have a sense of what and where your door is going to be. It doesn’t matter how well designed your interiors are if the door adjacent or the entrance doesn’t go with the vibe of the overall space. Doors may be just a basic mechanism to open and shut but they provide just an opulent vibe to the entire space if the style of the door matches the space.
  • Door Swing: Depending upon which way you want to open the door, and which side you decide to put the hand knobs, the door swing will depend upon that. You can always get the door customized accordingly. But ideally, you should always remember that doors should never open into the living room or corridors.
  • Doors Frames: The frame of the door gives the entire design and look to the door. For more simple doors a more molded frame would look good. Doors that are huge and have a design on their own can have more of a simple frame to add to the design. It all depends upon the door you select, make sure it adds to the look and not overpowers your door entirely.
  • Door Sound Rating: Interior doors are given an STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating to determine how much sound passes through the door. This helps in understanding the nature and space of the house. Generally, 25 falls on the lower scales, 40 falls in the middle and 60 weighs higher on the STC scale. All those people thinking of getting a movie room or a home theatre would find this helping.
  • Type of Doors: There are endless designs to consider for your exterior and interior doors. Always think about the kind of space you have and the practicality of having a certain type of door. Options range from teak wood doors, pocket doors, folding doors, flush doors, barn doors, panel doors, blind doors, french and dutch doors to name a few. Pick up designs that compliment your space the most.
  • Type of material used for the Door: The type of wood you choose for your interior or exterior doors play a very important role in the overall look of your door. Every wood has a specialty and color that comes out after the finished product. Typically solid wood, hardwood, MDF (medium-density fibreboard), hollow-core(plywood or molded composite skin-less expensive), solid core (plywood or molded composite skin blended with wood fiber blend), metal, and glass are some popular materials used. Depending upon the need, weather, price, one might choose the best fit for their home.
  • The function of the Door: The functionality of the door is one other aspect to consider before installing them. Every door installed is used for a different purpose and a different dedicated room or space. For eg: kitchen doors are more open, glass made while bedroom doors are more solid and closed ones. Similarly, entrance doors are rather huge and solid in strength. Uses can differ in functionality.
  • Design and Colour of the Door: Even though doors can be the most underrated aspect of interior designing. They must match the vibe and the theme a person wishes to follow. The color of the wood is equally important. It adds a little dimension and depth to space. While the design on the other hand can range from carved, simple, solid, etc. Design and color do play an important role in the overall process of the interior.
  • Weather and Climate: The overall climate and weather conditions of the place you live in play an extremely important role in deciding the right kind of wood and door for your home. If you live in a harsh cold climate then you want to make sure your door acts as an insulator. Steel doors are often considered a good option but the only downside is that they may become dented over time. On the other hand, Fibreglass Is also a great option, it’s not only weather-resistant but also low-maintenance.
  1. Entrance Door: The first thing a person sees while entering your home is the entrance door. The first impression that they get from your home is the entrance. That’s why it’s important to choose the right interior door for yourself. The type of wood, design color, the material used all play a crucial role in the outcome. Always choose wisely when it comes to your entrance door.

Your home is your sacred place, your escape from your daily lives. Choosing the right interiors can be an overwhelming feeling. Having prior knowledge about your needs can vastly help you decide the right things.

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