10-minute Interior Designs: Home Makeovers Made Easy (Link Roundup)


It is no rocket science that an ideal home is tantamount to hours of careful planning in order to come up with the best design. You have the power to design your own home using only your own tools and devices, although, it is advisable to hire a professional interior designer to help you achieve that balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Designing any home requires experience, competence and knowledge. You need these to become familiar with the latest trends, designs and colors. These – all the more – give you the reason to hire an expert that will make your habitat comfortable and purposeful.

Ideal makeover solutions cost money, however, costs can be minimized if the right solutions or approaches are done from the onset. You also minimize the hassles that come with haphazard work due to inexperienced hands. 

Your First Task: Make a List

Begin the list by researching the different kinds of interior designs that you can use in your home. Do you need to buy additional furniture or accessories just to create the theme that you are aiming for?

Or You Can Rearrange First

Consider the functions of each room and how to make the areas look different. Sometimes, all that a room needs is a little rearrangement. Move that chair and rearrange the bedroom furnishings and you can see that doing so will make a world of difference.

Moving furnishings about means changing the room’s existing layout so you are altering the angles that you already got used to. For instance, why not put your sofa into a different corner or place it at a different angle? 

Accent Wall: Your Statement Wall

If you do not have time to paint an entire room let alone your whole house, why not resort to painting just one wall? Painting an accent wall is a creative way to make a statement. It takes less effort, time and budget so just cover one wall with your choice of bold color and you are done. Just make sure that the color you choose will complement the room’s existing theme.

Goodbye Garbage!

Oftentimes, it does not take 10 minutes to clear clutter in a room. Take the time to clean out closets, organize stuff and storing the things that you no longer need. You will be surprised at the amount of available space that you actually have once you take away the clutter that used to occupy it.

Pillows Galore

Why not incorporate current interior design trends? You can keep your neutral-toned furniture pieces and pair them with bright-colored throw pillows. You will surely be amazed at the added vibrancy that these accessories will bring into your home. What used to be dull-looking will be made exciting.

Pick throw pillows in the size, texture and pattern that you want. Do not be afraid to experiment by mixing and matching; this can help create variety and interest.

Update Those Light Fixtures

Lampshades can shed new light into a room. You can either add accents to your existing lampshades or you can buy the best ones in the market. Take time to find the ones that are affordable while providing you with the illumination that you need in a room.

For a greener home, replace old light bulbs with energy-efficient ones. You do not just save on electricity, you also get to give your home a new kind of illumination.

Add a Little Freshness

Lastly, consider adding some fresh fruits or flowers into your home as they can effectively lighten up any dark space. Any ordinary-looking tabletop or counter will immediately be livened up by a bowl of fresh lemons or a bouquet of fresh flowers.

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