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Go Green In Your Home’s Interiors (Useful Link Roundup)

Green interior design is all about the conservation of natural resources and protecting your health while trying to achieve the best aesthetics. Although the scent of a new carpet or fresh paint can be exciting, redesigning your home can be threatening your health in a percentage that you may not be aware of. VOCs also known as volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde and other forms of chemical substances are commonly found in paints – these can seriously pollute your home’s air. The good news is, you can reduce your family’s exposure to such pollutants by intelligently planning your home’s interior design….

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American Leather Seating Styles and Their Benefits (Link Roundup)

Furniture plays a huge role in providing aesthetic beauty and comfort in any home. These days, people more than willing to spend money when it comes to their furnishings. They all want to achieve a certain appearance which they perceive to be perfect. But spending your hard-earned money may not be enough as there are many other factors to consider when buying (more like investing) on furniture. More than the price, you must give ample attention to durability, design and function whether you are buying a table, chair or bed. Façade Isn’t Everything Furniture frames play an important part when…

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Media Room or Theater Design for Schools (Link Roundup)

Having a school become theater or media room ready is something that students must anticipate. Just imagine all the school plays and musicals that will be held in that huge room! Theaters bring about student’s love for drama and the arts so this is a room that must have ample space allocation. But where would you begin? There are just so many variables to think of when putting up a theater for school use. There could both be technical and financial aspects that need to be addressed. For instance, simple home theaters can cost as much as $1,000 to $25,000…

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The Relaxing and Beautiful Farmhouse Interior Design

Whether or not you are currently living in the country, it is easy for you to set up a simple residence where you can enjoy a simpler way of life. The farmhouse style can be filled with early American antique pieces or New Hampshire décor; whatever it is that you choose to set up in your own home, you are sure to enjoy a sunnier and a much more inspiring dwelling. There is nothing more cozy or welcoming than those old farmhouses. This kind of interior design is practically begging for attention from friends and family. In this kind of…

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Medical Interior Design Isn’t For Neophytes (Link Roundup)

The skills that are involved in your choice of colors, lighting, and layout are all based on creativity. Finding fabrics, paint, wallpapers, and flooring all need to adhere to what’s dictated by the government as there are certain codes to be followed. This can become a challenge especially when you have been tasked to help with the medical interior design. Hospital interiors – all of them – are required to be fire retardant. If you would take the time to list all of the flame retardants in the world, you would be amazed at the number that you could come…

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5 Home Improvement Projects – Do These In Less Than An Hour

Home improvement project is often seen as having alterations done in a home. This could be as simple as a few additions or it can be as grand as toppling down walls and buying new sets of furniture. This can be done by skilled and licensed contractors or you can take on a small project and do it all on your own. Home improvement is important because it can increase the value of any property. Real estate value appreciates if the property is well-maintained, hence, it is seen by many homeowners now as a necessary expense. Regular renovations can also…

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The Creation of a Focal Point (Interior Design Link Roundup)

When you are about to let in guests in your home, it is a rule that there should be an interesting point in every area that they go to. The term for this is a focal point. The focal point is the element that draws the attention of a guest. This interesting point is naturally created with the room’s architecture but most of the time, it is now created from scratch by the homeowner himself. If you are not that sure about which part of your house to establish as a focal point, well, you may be surprised what most…

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Is There Such a Thing as a Right Paint Color? (Link Roundup)

Interior designers who hear reluctant complaints when repainting rooms with vivid hues are laughing from within. While many homeowners are unwilling when it comes to the bold colors that might not go well with the old architectural style of their homes, still, a lot of designers advise them otherwise. In truth, every period in American architecture has embraced the use of colors in rooms. Indeed, one can find the blue-colored hearth of the Colonial Revival as well as the red parlors of Queen Anne pieces as colors that give life to any setting. Even the open space homes of today…

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The Grown Up Room: Transitioning from College Student to an Adult

Interior design, just like any endeavor in life, also improves gradually over time. The playroom which you remember so well from your childhood does not, at all, look like your college dorm room. And now that you’ve graduated from college and are ready to take on a new phase in your life, it’s about time that you also face the changes that need to come with regard to your room’s design. Proper Mirrors You are no longer in your dorm room so it’s time to let go of those unframed, taped-up mirrors. Your bathroom mirror should now have a grown-up…